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How to quench the growing thirst for relevant, high-quality content

February 11, 2013
Quench the growing thirst for rich content

Quench the thirst for rich content

Within today’s growing digital world relevant online content is becoming the core material for all B2B and B2C marketing initiatives.

Relevant content allows prospective clients to conduct meaningful research, discover the practical benefits of new offers, learn about others’ experiences and build a case to justify any new purchase – all important steps in generating company growth.

But what if a technology company has trouble satisfying its clients’ growing thirst? (more…)

13 Marketing Trends for 2013

January 10, 2013
Major Marketing Trends for 2013

Adobe’s Major Marketing Trends for 2013

With another year getting underway, many folks have been busy making varied sets of predictions for the year.

One set of predictions that we particularly like comes from Adobe: 13 major marketing trends for 2013 (more…)

Today’s technology leaders also lead in marketing

December 10, 2012

Technology Leaders The most successful and long-standing companies in virtually every industry have become leaders by consistently creating the products, services and experiences that their customers value and trust, and ingraining this marketing philosophy within their company’s culture.

Within the technology sector this is no exception.