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How a market-focused approach leads to products that customers value and will pay for

May 21, 2013

Products customers love

Innovation and new product development are hot topics in today’s market, especially in technology sectors like IT, software, Web, telecoms, and related areas.

Every organization has its own approach for developing new offers to bring to market. Today’s firms invest up to 15-20% of revenues on R&D, depending on the sector, for creating, testing and trialing new technologies and new products.

At the same time, when it comes to developing new products, what matters is not just the amount of resources allocated to new product initiatives, but how they are applied. (more…)

Designing winning products that deliver a great customer experience

March 26, 2012

ImageFor each market there are tens to thousands of products and services, of which only a small part are truly successful.

While there are many reasons that can lead to the success of products and services, the outstanding ones have been designed and delivered in a way that provides a great customer experience.

Great products usually resolve common problems, they provide users with added benefits, they are convenient and easy to use, they satisfy other needs that customers didn’t know existed and they tend to be fun and engaging to use. But above the best products and services deliver a better user experience compared to others. (more…)