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Want to sell more? Make it easy for your B2B customers to buy

June 25, 2013

Want to sell more?In a recent article we discussed the power of consultative value selling for jointly exploring and creating more relevant customer propositions that offer personalized value.

While this powerful technique is especially suited for complex offers and relies on direct interactions with prospective clients, it requires a sales force skilled in the practice of identifying and selling value to clients. More importantly, it is part of a larger, customer buying-decisions process that spans various distinct yet interrelated steps.

In order to help clients make the best decisions when buying, companies must provide a relevant, streamlined process anticipating the multiple demands and requirements of the various client stakeholders involved in the decision-making process.

Anything else will result in confused and frustrated prospects that may eventually turn to a savvier competitor when buying. (more…)

Simple decisions drive customer business

May 22, 2012

Simple choicesTechnology companies are usually quite good at harnessing new technology to develop products for different needs.

However, many are not so good at providing customers with a simple decision process to help them easily get from the evaluation phase to the purchase decision. (more…)