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A successful business is built on customer successes

September 18, 2014

Enabling customer successIn spite of the growing sophistication in technology, not the least of which includes the flourishing area of digital marketing, a new business opportunity is often won or lost simply by whether your prospect feels convinced of the true value that you are offering them.

From the customer’s perspective, in this situation there is often nothing better to help them decide than to hear an honest endorsement directly from another, similar customer.

That’s why it’s critical to properly leverage your past client successes when doing business. (more…)

Young tech companies must operate less like products and more like client-driven businesses

March 19, 2013
Satisfy client needs

Focus on satisfying client demands

Today’s technology sector is a very innovative, fast-changing and competitive area, where dozens of new multi-device services come online daily.

In this setting there are many early-stage companies – particularly in Web, Software and devices – that have become quite good at designing elegant and useful products to serve their initial clients.

However, to thrive early-stage companies need to operate less like product development houses and more like businesses. (more…)

How to quench the growing thirst for relevant, high-quality content

February 11, 2013
Quench the growing thirst for rich content

Quench the thirst for rich content

Within today’s growing digital world relevant online content is becoming the core material for all B2B and B2C marketing initiatives.

Relevant content allows prospective clients to conduct meaningful research, discover the practical benefits of new offers, learn about others’ experiences and build a case to justify any new purchase – all important steps in generating company growth.

But what if a technology company has trouble satisfying its clients’ growing thirst? (more…)

Top-10 B2B Sales Trends for 2013

January 15, 2013

HBR: Top-10 sales trends for 2013For better or for worse, Marketing and Sales are lifelong partners for delivering and capturing value from clients. Both must exist and work in unison in order to create business growth by developing commercial leads and converting them into profitable sales to satisfied (and hopefully repeat) clients.

Today’s B2B sales landscape continues to change under the influence of several distinct forces. (more…)

Selling business insights to solve customer needs

July 18, 2012

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In the B2B world, suppliers have been selling solutions to solve their customers’ unmet problems for some time now. This is particularly true for companies in many technology-based sectors, which by nature includes solutions that are more complex to develop and assemble.

At the same time, companies have become much more adept at identifying, analyzing and understanding their own problems while designing their own solutions. This has transformed the classic B2B solutions-sell into a contest between suppliers for the lowest price. However, all is not lost. (more…)