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Web Start-ups: How a customer-marketing approach will jump-start business

April 25, 2013

Customer marketing approach to jumpstart businessThis week I spent an evening discussing product and marketing strategy with a dozen up-and-coming Web-based start-ups, currently hosted by Silicon Sentier’s Le Camping, a Paris-based start-up incubation program.

In general the products and services being developed during this 4th session of the Camping were interesting, well-designed and helped solve a range of practical, everyday issues.

Among them was a product for easily planning and coordinating events among a group of friends, and a pricing recommendation service for e-tailers that are trying to remain competitive without systematically giving away their margins.

In particular, I sat down with 3 chosen start-ups to examine some of their more pressing issues, going beyond product-related aspects. (more…)

Young tech companies must operate less like products and more like client-driven businesses

March 19, 2013
Satisfy client needs

Focus on satisfying client demands

Today’s technology sector is a very innovative, fast-changing and competitive area, where dozens of new multi-device services come online daily.

In this setting there are many early-stage companies – particularly in Web, Software and devices – that have become quite good at designing elegant and useful products to serve their initial clients.

However, to thrive early-stage companies need to operate less like product development houses and more like businesses. (more…)

Marketing is now a 2-way street, which not even technology companies can avoid

March 5, 2013
Marketing is now a 2-way street

Marketing is now a 2-way street

Marketing is experiencing drastic changes as interactive and digital technologies begin to replace mass media as its foundation. Both consumers and business clients are no longer a passive audience waiting to be showered by company ads and billboards.

Today’s digital, interactive and social media capabilities empowers any customer to speak up on their experiences and opinions, whether good and bad.

This has created a fundamental shift in customer-supplier relationships, that not even small or specialized technology firms operating off of the business main-street can escape. (more…)

Setting the right price to meet business objectives

October 30, 2012

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In a recent article we looked at how a leading technology company like Apple can use strategic pricing to stem the competition.

While this may be one particular objective for a company, ultimately they need to be able to set the right price to meet their specific objectives. (more…)

Technology growth opportunities are driven by uncovering and leveraging customer insights

May 9, 2012

To be successful and fuel growth, companies must relentlessly look for the best ways to serve their customers while fending of competitive threats.

The following examples, which examine the fast growing tablet computing market, show that this is not always easy without a strong understanding of end-customer needs, desires and expectations.  (more…)

Why effective product management is critical for tech companies…and why it is tough to develop

March 28, 2012

I recently discussed the marketing challenge faced by technology companies as well as the difficulties they can face when designing winning products that deliver a great customer experience.

At the heart of these discussions is the role and effectiveness of product management within technology companies. (more…)

Why Total Cost of Ownership matters more than Price

March 15, 2012

ImageWithin today’s economic context managing the cost base has become a priority for most consumer households and companies alike.

When it comes to commercializing technology-based product or services, especially those offering additional benefits seen mostly over the long term, technology companies (both as suppliers and buyers of goods and services) need shift the focus from the sale price to the total cost of ownership (TCO).

To understand why TCO is so important we first need to consider what it means.


The marketing challenges of technology companies

March 1, 2012

jannoon028 / FreeDigitalPhotos.netWhen done right, marketing helps companies grow by providing key market insights, helping to lead strategy and finding the best way to serve customers, all while defending a company’s position against competitors. To be effective companies need clear marketing focus and commitment, even during tough economic times.

Within technology sectors the marketing challenges can be greater due to several additional factors: (more…)

Why customer value propositions really matter

July 1, 2010

Today’s market offers end-users of all types a plethora of Web-based services, delivered over the top-of any Internet access. As a results of the huge growth of mobile Internet services, along with evolving user behaviour and changing expectations, end-users no longer look to network services providers to fulfill their needs in areas such as communication, collaboration, entertainment, information and productivity. Just consider Skype, Facebook, Shoutcast or Google Docs.

This evolving context has pushed the value away from the networks used to deliver services, to the services themselves, allowing more companies to compete for end customers using a range of business models.

In a world where the growth of traditional services is unlikely for most service providers, and cost reduction is probably not enough to compete over the long term, focusing on developing better, customer-centric value propositions is a key value-creation strategy, offering top and bottom line impact if done right.

The questions then becomes, how do you systematically create market-drive offers that end-customer really want?