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Case study: Creating increased client growth for a new enterprise SaaS offer

February 25, 2013

Creating increased client growthThere are many emerging technology companies filled with talented people with a knack for designing and creating great one-off products and services. However, to stimulate growth such companies also need the ability to quickly create and commercialize competitive, market-driven offers appealing to a broader range of clients.

We recently helped one particular Web firm transform a one-off product into a growing business opportunity. (more…)

The continuing rise of Amazon

November 26, 2012

Amazon’s mobile app

With the passing of Apple’s late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, the title of most innovative technology business leader can arguably go to Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Here is a quick look at the rise of Amazon and some of the reasons behind the success of this mix of seemingly unrelated businesses.


More ‘cloud services’ on the horizon

November 6, 2009

Clouds_SunsetThere is currently a lot of discussion on cloud computing and cloud services in the media and in the industry.  While some might believe that this is a new trend, many services are already available through ‘the cloud’. Furthermore, as broadband access continues expanding, the range of cloud offerings will grow larger day-by-day.

From and end-user standpoint, cloud services offer:

  • On-demand capabilities, scaling according to user needs
  • Instant service access via the Internet, with no upfront investment needed
  • Predictable price schemes, offering cost savings and convenience over other do-it-yourself options

Following this definition, here are some examples of different ‘cloud services’: (more…)

Consumer VoIP is booming – Helping Business VoIP breakthrough

November 2, 2009

womanphone4According to a recent Infonetics study on the VoIP services market, VoIP services brought in US $21 B worldwide, of which consumer VoIP services represented the majority.

In the consumer market, service providers have often packaged VoIP services as part of a N-play offers. From this standpoint, it has been sold as just another form of fixed-line telephony, offering a bit more flexibility and cost savings of course. But the bottom line is that users have not really had to change their habits or devices.

The business VoIP story is a bit different. Most service providers see clear incentives in investing significant time and resources for securing and ensuring success of large-scale deals with Large Enterprises, to replace their existing PBX systems with more modern, managed or hosted IP-PBX solutions. However, deciding how to effectively address SMBs (small and medium businesses) can be more complex. (more…)