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i-Media: coming to any device near you

February 9, 2010

With 2010 now well underway, during the past few weeks there have been several clear sign that the media industry is arriving at an inflection point.

These developments could lead to new opportunities for content publishers and their service partners, and a more engaging experience for media consumers worldwide. (more…)

Sneak Preview of Orange’s ‘La Collection’ 2010 – Part 1

November 27, 2009

Last night, I was invited to attend a private showing of Orange’s upcoming services and applications.

This is the first part summary of the services and capabilities that we can expect from Orange in the next 6-12 months, within France and beyond.

With the ever-increasing importance of multimedia and social web services, Orange is striving to offer its customers services that provide more interactivity and sharing, while simplifying the setup and usage processes. Within the home environment, it is positioning the TV as a key rallying  point for “more shared entertainment.”

The following products and services demonstrate how it is trying to fulfill this vision: (more…)

The Rise of Music-as-a-Service: Hear and Now

November 19, 2009

I have been a passionate lover and collector of music for nearly 30 years, and a lot has changed since the day that I bought my first portable radio and record player, and today, where illegal music downloading continues menacing the industry’s established commercial model. However, through more effective regulation and the arrival of more attractive music offers (See The Economist: Singing a Different Tune), there are fewer and fewer and incentives to obtain music illegally.

The changes in the music industry have enabled listeners to get quicker enjoyment and a much richer experience in a variety of ways. Based on my own listening history – described in detail below – we can see that music has shifted from an album sales-driven business to one focused on receiving a personalized, listening experience.

This fundamental product-to-service shift is changing the way people consume and enjoy music around the world, (more…)