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Become indispensable to clients by helping them control costs

January 23, 2013

Become indispensable to your corporate clients by helping manage costsIn the current business environment, controlling the total cost of ownership or TCO of a new technology investment is high on the agenda of most business leaders.

This is especially true for companies that rely on hardware and/or software-based systems to deliver commercial products and services to their end-clients.

However, given the increasingly complex and disruptive nature of technology today, this is becoming a complicated and difficult task. Technology suppliers that can help their clients manage costs are well-placed to become indispensable to the success of their clients. (more…)

Setting the right price to meet business objectives

October 30, 2012

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In a recent article we looked at how a leading technology company like Apple can use strategic pricing to stem the competition.

While this may be one particular objective for a company, ultimately they need to be able to set the right price to meet their specific objectives. (more…)

Why Total Cost of Ownership matters more than Price

March 15, 2012

ImageWithin today’s economic context managing the cost base has become a priority for most consumer households and companies alike.

When it comes to commercializing technology-based product or services, especially those offering additional benefits seen mostly over the long term, technology companies (both as suppliers and buyers of goods and services) need shift the focus from the sale price to the total cost of ownership (TCO).

To understand why TCO is so important we first need to consider what it means.