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What unique assets must Telecom Service Providers use when developing customer value propositions?

April 29, 2010

Many of our recent posts have dealt with different product and service sectors undergoing changes due to the rapid development of mobile and Web-based services.

While many Web-based companies are chasing new opportunities (ex. communication, collaboration, location-based information, music, print media, etc.) by delivering services over-the-top of any Internet connection, the actual telecom network service providers have been slow to follow for many reasons.

Telecom network services providers that wish to become more relevant to end-users’ broader needs must rethink their service strategy and refocus on developing customer-driven value propositions, satisfying particular problems and issues of specific customer groups, while leveraging their unique assets. (more…)

Previewing Orange’s ‘La Collection’ 2010 – Pt. 2: Richer Communications

December 2, 2009

In this second part summary of Orange’s ‘La Collection’ 2010, we look at how Orange is trying to make communications richer and more emotive.

These products and services are expected for release in France, UK, Spain and beyond, over the next 6-12 months. (more…)

More ‘cloud services’ on the horizon

November 6, 2009

Clouds_SunsetThere is currently a lot of discussion on cloud computing and cloud services in the media and in the industry.  While some might believe that this is a new trend, many services are already available through ‘the cloud’. Furthermore, as broadband access continues expanding, the range of cloud offerings will grow larger day-by-day.

From and end-user standpoint, cloud services offer:

  • On-demand capabilities, scaling according to user needs
  • Instant service access via the Internet, with no upfront investment needed
  • Predictable price schemes, offering cost savings and convenience over other do-it-yourself options

Following this definition, here are some examples of different ‘cloud services’: (more…)