Case study: OneAccess increases B2B client engagement 3-5x with an improved Web-based customer buying experience

OneAccess HQMany technology companies still tend to commercialize their products and services based on a combination of the technologies used and the key capabilities delivered to their customers.

Aside from only speaking to the needs of their technically versed client-side users, this approach usually fails to keep up with customers’ broader, evolving needs, especially when new, disruptive offerings emerge or existing technologies become obsolete.

We recently helped one global enterprise IT provider improve it’s Web-based customer buying experience, resulting in significantly greater customer engagement.

OneAccess partnered with Merkado to design a better Web-based customer buying experience

We recently worked with OneAccess Networks, a global provider of enterprise multi-access routing platforms, to enhance its commercial approach by enhancing the buying experience of its primary customer touch point: its website.

To update the company’s original website – developed using a technology-driven approach – and streamline the customer journey for both clients and investors, meant addressing several commercial issues:

  • Positioning its product/service portfolio with greater market orientation
  • Painting a clear path from customers’ key issues to its set of relevant solutions
  • Making it easier for new clients and non-technical stakeholders to appreciate its offers

An improved customer buying experience boosted client engagement 3 – 5 times

Working in close partnership with the company’s product marketing, product management and corporate communications teams we designed and implemented a more streamlined way for clients to identify and find the most suitable offers, which over the past 12 months has generated three to fives times greater user engagement than before.

Read the complete case study to learn more about OneAccess’ business challenges and how improving the customer buying experience we boosted the engagement of their B2B customer audience.

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