Marketing is now a 2-way street, which not even technology companies can avoid

Marketing is now a 2-way street

Marketing is now a 2-way street

Marketing is experiencing drastic changes as interactive and digital technologies begin to replace mass media as its foundation. Both consumers and business clients are no longer a passive audience waiting to be showered by company ads and billboards.

Today’s digital, interactive and social media capabilities empowers any customer to speak up on their experiences and opinions, whether good and bad.

This has created a fundamental shift in customer-supplier relationships, that not even small or specialized technology firms operating off of the business main-street can escape.

Online discussions occur, even about technology companies not using social media

Most technology companies that were born on the Web, or that were quick to embrace it, usually use some sort of online channels for connecting with clients. However, not all have embraced social, interactive media that easily enables customers to express themselves freely.

Many B2B technology firms on the other hand, are still in the early stages of developing their customer social media strategies, and aside from a basic ‘contact’ channel, many do not allow any sort of digital customer interactions.

In both cases, this has not stopped customers and other technology industry stakeholders from engaging in discussions about firms through other formal and informal digital channels.

At this very moment business clients and employees are discussing online

Business professionals – company clients and employees alike – can exchange views and opinions on their experiences working with technology companies using a range of social media channels. And they do.

Today’s professional social online channels includes:

  • General and specialized online business networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Viadeo Digikaa);
  • Specialized industry news and blog sites (e.g. Light Reading, IT Espresso, GigaOm);
  • Industry associations and fora (e.g. XDA Mobile Developers, Metro Ethernet Forum);
  • Professional employment sites (e.g. Glassdoor).

To be more relevant to clients, companies must embrace and facilitate online interactions

This two-way communication between customers and companies requires marketing teams at tech firms to adopt a more flexible and an always-on approach when it comes to developing new product ideas, adapting them to suit changing tastes, or engaging with clients.

This new paradigm is also forcing companies to monitor and be more attentive to customer reviews and sentiments, and quickly resolve any negative complaints or risk being marginalized.

Companies that can embrace and leverage this new model will be better able to connect with, please and even anticipate the evolving demands of their clients much better than the competition.

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