Case study: Creating increased client growth for a new enterprise SaaS offer

Creating increased client growthThere are many emerging technology companies filled with talented people with a knack for designing and creating great one-off products and services. However, to stimulate growth such companies also need the ability to quickly create and commercialize competitive, market-driven offers appealing to a broader range of clients.

We recently helped one particular Web firm transform a one-off product into a growing business opportunity.

Merkado partnered with French Web & software agency to generate demand for their new SaaS enterprise offer

We recently worked with The Floating Stone (TFS), a French-based Web and software agency, to help them deliver and commercialize their latest SaaS-based offer, Factomos Xpert.

This Web-based service, targeted at accounting firms, helps them to save time, reduce accounting errors, while enabling closer collaboration with their business clients.

At the outset TFS faced several commercial challenges, including:

  • Building a sellable offer adapted to the broader marketplace
  • Finding ways to target professional institutions
  • Effectively going to market with their new B2B offer

Merkado helped achieve 2x client growth rate in the first 9 months

Through a 3-month partnership aimed at quickly introducing an improved, market-driven offer to this professional services sector, Merkado helped TFS address their challenges, ultimately increasing their client growth rate by 2x over the first 9 months following the successful commercial launch.

Read the complete case study to learn more about TFS’ particular business challenges and how we used an integrated go-to-market program to jump-start their new SaaS business.

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