Today’s technology leaders also lead in marketing

Technology Leaders The most successful and long-standing companies in virtually every industry have become leaders by consistently creating the products, services and experiences that their customers value and trust, and ingraining this marketing philosophy within their company’s culture.

Within the technology sector this is no exception.

The most successful tech companies also stand out in terms of marketing

Today’s technology leaders include companies such as Cisco, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon and

These companies are among the most successful and innovative players in IT systems and services, components, software, personal computing, communication and media devices, and Web-based services.

Though the youngest is only 13 years old, and the oldest just over a century, each has grown from an early start-up to capture a leadership position by chasing new business opportunities (e.g. on-demand computing, immersive conferencing, the social enterprise, e-reading, the smart world), and in some cases revolutionizing markets (e.g. personal computing, online print and media production, online advertising, digital media consumption, mobile computing), by delivering innovative products, services and experiences that thrill customers in new and exciting ways, better than the competition.

Customer-focused companies are leaders in creating value and generating growth

This market and customer-focused approach has helped each one of these company consistently generate sustained growth in the form of sales and income, which in many cases hovers in the mid to high double-digit figures (see figure).

Technology Leaders Performance - Merkado

As a result, each one of these companies currently boasts billion-dollar-a-year revenue streams, with an enterprise value to match, ranging from $20B ( to $480 B (Apple).

Leading companies, whether from technology, consumer goods, or other sectors, generally share a number of common market and customer-focused characteristics.

To read more about the shared traits of today’s technology leaders, and to see how an enhanced marketing focus helps growing tech companies create customer value and drive business growth, download our latest white paper.

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