Simple decisions drive customer business

Simple choicesTechnology companies are usually quite good at harnessing new technology to develop products for different needs.

However, many are not so good at providing customers with a simple decision process to help them easily get from the evaluation phase to the purchase decision.

A simple customer decision process includes the ease with which customers can gather and understand product and company information, the level of trust that have in the information found, and the simplicity with which they can weigh their options in order to make a purchase decision.

Companies that make it hard for prospective clients to decide usually suffer from one or more of the following ailments:

  • A target audience that is not clearly defined
  • Information that’s hard to find or non-existent
  • Market messages that are difficult to understand and/or questionable
  • Poor articulation of the value offered to direct clients
  • Little consideration of the value offered the direct clients’ end-customers
  • Lack of 3rd party evaluations and other external opinions
  • Ineffective tools for comparing different options and guiding decisions

How hard is it for customer to buy from your company?

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