Why customer value propositions really matter

Today’s market offers end-users of all types a plethora of Web-based services, delivered over the top-of any Internet access. As a results of the huge growth of mobile Internet services, along with evolving user behaviour and changing expectations, end-users no longer look to network services providers to fulfill their needs in areas such as communication, collaboration, entertainment, information and productivity. Just consider Skype, Facebook, Shoutcast or Google Docs.

This evolving context has pushed the value away from the networks used to deliver services, to the services themselves, allowing more companies to compete for end customers using a range of business models.

In a world where the growth of traditional services is unlikely for most service providers, and cost reduction is probably not enough to compete over the long term, focusing on developing better, customer-centric value propositions is a key value-creation strategy, offering top and bottom line impact if done right.

The questions then becomes, how do you systematically create market-drive offers that end-customer really want?

Read our recently published white paper: Why customer value propositions really matter;  that discusses how using a full set of integrated, decision-driven, go-to-market methods can help product and marketing leaders at service providers and ICT vendors alike, systematically deliver the market-driven offers that end-customers really want, quickly and systematically.

Let us know what you think.

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